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Our history...

El Magazen
(Nino & Yasmin)

Nino and Yasmin shared everything, from their love of Venetian dining to their dream of opening their own little corner of culinary paradise.

El Magazen was born from romanticism and is designed for romantics.

From the elegance of the smallest detail to the conviviality of the two owners.

On the one hand, Nino will involve you with his overwhelming passion for wines from all over Italy;

On the other hand, Yasmin will pamper you and your palates with traditional pearls seasoned with the creative innovation typical of those who know and love the world.

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Food that intertwines tradition and innovation

It is from fresh and healthy raw materials that the magic of Magazen takes its first very important steps.

From here, the eye, the palate, the heart and the expert hands of Yasmin intercede and shape the pearls of our country with spices and techniques typical of that world without borders that loves the cuisine and the palate of lovers most.

Contact us to find out more

+39 041 302 2600

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